Monday, May 22, 2006

i want one of those dolls

You take a weekend off to shenannigate around in the sunshine and suddenly your inbox is overloaded, papelbon style. A round-up.


Is it possible that a role reversal could take place, that Papelbon could become a closer for life and Hansen, who can touch 98 miles per hour, a starter?

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Over on the couch, David Wells and Jonathan Papelbon have the volume on VH1 Classic turned up to a deafening level while watching Metallica and Guns 'N Roses videos.

Of course they do. A little "how these Sox are different than the Idiots" piece.

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In addition to improving their defense, the Red Sox have taken the adventure out of the ninth inning thanks to rookie closer Jonathan Papelbon, who leads the majors with 14 saves.

"He calms the game down," Francona said. "Any time someone can do that, it's very beneficial."

Little bit about Papelbon in a Philly paper's preview of that series.

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If you go to the June 7 Sea Dogs game, you can get a
Papelbon bobblehead. Sweet.


From the Boston Herald's
Sox Notebook:

PHILADELPHIA - That move Jonathan Papelbon busted in the ninth inning of the Red Sox’ 5-3 win over the Phillies last night would have gotten him booted from "Dancing with the Stars," but the Red Sox closer survived his unplanned 360-degree spin move without any damage.

"It didn’t look too pretty - I don’t know if you should pirouette before you throw to first," Mike Lowell said after Papelbon slipped when David Bell’s chopper was hit at him.

As Papelbon reached for the ball, his right foot lifted and he wound up spinning around. He recovered and threw Bell out at first for the first out. He went on to record two more quick outs without any drama as he recorded his 15th save.

"Just one of those things, I lost my footing. What can I say," said Papelbon, visited quickly after the play by manager Terry Francona and medical operations coordinator Jim Rowe. "Skid (Rowe), he’s got to get some TV time."

Said Francona: "He gave us all a scare. It looked ugly."

The best part of that is totally that they've nicknamed their medical coordinator after one the worst 80s hair bands. Brill. Also, if you follow the link you can see my new favorite pic of Tek and Papelbon. Awww...


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