Sunday, August 12, 2007

happiness canceled at camden this weekend



At 1:14 AM, Blogger Mike said...

Huit-Trois needs to start actually getting batters out. That 15.75 Soxian ERA is not worth giving up Typo.

At 7:33 AM, Blogger kelly said...

my only consolation is that kason apparently left last night's game with a forearm injury. i think i'm going to need him to sit out the rest of the season for my mental health.

At 8:55 AM, Blogger Kristen said...

My grandmother used to sweat at me in French. Before this weekend I couldn't think of a reason why knowing how to do that might be handy.

Now I know.

At 9:48 AM, Blogger Luna said...

First we stop Gagne, then we smack Francona around?

At 9:16 PM, Blogger Pity Da Fool said...

Hey, no problem at all. I've loved your wisecracks and Papelboncentrism for more than a year, now. I would have been more vocal about it, but I struggled finding an e-mail address to drop you a line.


Sox Monster


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