Wednesday, November 29, 2006

when he's not busy not-moose hunting

"We all know Manny can hit 40 homers and drive in 120 or more runs," he said. "We know he's going to do that. He does it every year. Do we know J.D. Drew's going to do that? Nothing against J.D. Drew (because) hopefully he will do that, but I think we need to keep Manny. He protects Papi (David Ortiz). Who's going to protect Papi if he's not there?"


My favorite part of this quote (besides EVERYTHING)is that it's from the Boston Herald and they still feel the need to clarify that "Papi" = David Ortiz. Seriously, anyone who cares even a little about the fate of Manny "Wacky Hijinks and Power Hitting" Ramirez knows who Papi is. I'm so incredibly sure of that fact. But then, the Herald does strive for journalistic integrity in all that it does, so I'm sure this is part of that.

Anyway, Pap and I agree on this point. Well, except for the fact that I have about as much hope that Drew can make anything happen in Boston as I do that George "My Favorite Human Being" Clooney is going to be waiting at my apt. tonight when I get home.

Other reasons this article is awesome:
*It finally defines "subluxation" as "slippage within the joint."
*It says that Papelbon has been watching the Sox' Hot Stove moves "casually" and then totally paints a picture of a guy who's been sitting around debating the team's move like a drunk 22-year-old with a fantasy football team.
*It reminds me that Pap is younger than me. (But older than kelly. Because everyone's older than kelly.)

That's a lot of awesome in a tiny article.

Thursday, November 09, 2006

maybe we'll post again next month

The Google alerts are coming fast and furious these days as awards are given, Foulke-face is not-optioned, and baseball writers all over America realize they hate football and decide to write about baseball whether they have anything to say or not. So:

Do you think Schill is insulted that the pitching staff wants Pap to use something other than the splitter as his number 2 pitch?

In anticipation of Jonathan Papelbon's switch to the rotation, new Red Sox pitching coach John Farrell wants him working on a two-seam fastball and his slider.
The goal is for Papelbon to generate more grounders as a starting pitcher. As the closer last season, he used a splitter as his No. 2 pitch. That will remain in his arsenal, but the Red Sox want him throwing the slider, too. Papelbon is believed to be recovering well from the shoulder injury that cost him the final month, and he should enter spring training at full strength.

From here.


Verlander recieves Players' Choice rookie award, but Pap recieves ever award the Boston press can give. Shock.


In non-Papelnews, non-Sox news, we've got some ups (a new Governor and the Celtics' first win of the season) and some big downs (Rodney Harrison's probably-broken scalpula and the T fare hike approval). Mostly what I've been doing is imagining a scenario in which Tim McCarver is hired to talk about Jeter in the same room where Madden is talking about Peyton Manning and then I fill that room with acid and see who drowns/dissolves first. It's fun, come join me in the happy place.