Wednesday, February 18, 2009

blog interrupted

Five things that led to the accidental hiatus of this blog:

1. The more Jonathan Papelbon became a walking self-parody, the harder it got to come up with new and original funny things to say about him, and it always felt weird to transition into being just another Red Sox blog, because there are so many great ones out there already.
2. Blogspot sucks.
3. Josh Beckett’s oblique injury broke our hearts.
4. Blogspot really sucks.
5. Blogspot really, really sucks.

So given that we’re stuck in the tall grass of the worst time of the year for any sports fan (football is over, NBA is still stumbling back from the All-Star Break, 42-year-old pitchers are ambling around Florida pretending they enjoy doing wind sprints), we figured the time was ripe to set up a new, more grab-baggy sports blogging set of digs.

don’t quit, don’t even quit.

We’ll still be discussing Papelbon’s K/9, the Josh Beckett Press Conference Drinking Game and the upside of trading Julio Lugo for a bag of balls and then using the bag of balls to throw at Julio Lugo. But we’ll also mix in Kelly’s desire to attend a PFLAG meeting with Jeff Garcia’s mom, Katie’s March Madness bracket and, of course, the fact that A-Rod slaps balls. We hope you’ll join us!