Sunday, April 29, 2007

earthquake weather

Dear Me Three Days in the Past,

1. Pack your umbrella this morning, it's going to rain.
2. When you and Katie can't decide where to go to brunch on Saturday, and you say, "Well, let's not go to Johnny D's, we've been there a lot recently," just go to Johnny D's -- that's where you'll eventually end up anyway.
3. The Sox are going to take two out of three this weekend. Yeah, I know, but they're going to win the Friday and Sunday games.

Yourself Three Days in the Future

Other things I wouldn't have necessarily believed on Thursday: Dice-K gave up four earned runs in six innings in his winning appearance, Batshit Tavarez gave up a totally comparable (and nearly superior) three in five plus. Even though he finally notched his first save, Mariano Rivera still has a four-digit ERA. Alex Cora currently leads the team in batting average. Six games into the 2007 edition of the so-called greatest rivalry in baseball, the only player to get himself ejected: Coco Crisp. (Not that Crazy Julian wasn't doing his part when he briefly started playing by the rules of dodgeball with Mientkiewicz.)

Katie and I celebrated Papelbon's eighth save in eight opportunities and his second annual scoreless April by playing a couple rounds of Big Buck Hunter Pro. She kicked my ass 7869 points to 2859. I even blew the bonus duck shooting round. Clearly she is the more Papelbonian of the two of us.


At 11:57 AM, Blogger Beth said...

please, please tell me you guys didn't miss the cow-milking thing.

At 2:09 AM, Blogger Mike said...

I must admit I was pretty surprised that Batshit didn't get ejected for throwing that wrench at Mientkiewicz. I wasn't surprised that he threw the wrench, just surprised that it didn't result in an ejection.

That cow-milking thing is reason #86574 that Paps needs his own show.

Cora only has 25 ABs. Mikey Lowell is the true Sox avg. leader.

At 4:54 PM, Blogger Beth said...

going back to see the cow-milking contest in person is now on my top ten list of reasons i wish i had a time machine.

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