Monday, April 16, 2007

still waiting for may 1 to make that list

4/16301.506.0061115Hope laid upon hope / That this crowd will not subside

I have to tell you, most of the lyrics we picked out (besides being nonsense rhymes about getting high) had a vague negative connotation. I am so happy not to have to use so many of these! I watched most of Beckett's press conference after the game and I had forgotten that when I'm not busy bitching about his stupid unwillingness to throw curveballs, I actually find him delightful.

This article about the rain out rotation changes continues to win me over to the side of Tavarez fans (?). First, the image of him sleeping (read: passed-out?) on the clubhouse couch and second, the "I'm not mad, not mad at all" and "I'm going to pitch if I'm alive." I like that he expects death at any moment-- it's the only way to live, really. I sort of feel bad for the guy, with Tito pretty much saying, "yeah, Tavarez is my bitch-- I can have him start whenever I want" and knowing that he's just warming that rotation spot for Lester.

Dawn Timlin and Shonda Schilling (I like to think of them as the "Heathers" of the Red Sox wives, but that's just because I'm kind of mean) are both running the Boston Marathon. I hope all this rain doesn't mess up their hair.



At 8:47 PM, Blogger M. Murphy said...

I remember when Tavarez got his one save last season, and after the game he said, "I thought I was just going out there to get my 'boos.'" Or maybe he meant booze.

At 9:35 PM, Blogger kelly said...

If he ever learned about Katie and I's nickname for the more lackluster members of the bullpen last year, I suppose there's a chance he meant to say "bus."

At 3:44 PM, Blogger jared said...

there are Julian Tavarez fans?


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