Tuesday, April 03, 2007

i feel awesome

I was walking to the bar last night after skipping out of work early to meet kelly for the game and it was cold and dreary and raining and I just kept thinking "this doesn't feel like baseball at all."

And then I opened the door at Cornwall's and heard a guy at the bar screaming "Lorretah wasn't the reason we sucked last year. The reason we sucked last year was because our pitchers kept coming down with CANCER."

Then, my friends, it felt a lot like baseball.

So the opener was less than ideal. Losing to the Royals right off the bat is not really the option I would choose, especially when it involved the return of my favorite game from last season -- blowing through the entire bullpen. I know Schilling has a blog to get out every day, but I still think it would be nice to go a few innings more. Just a thought. Anyway, I told kelly as she started cursing everything and weeping into her beer that we had to wait until May 1 to make any decisions. Everyone gets a break for the first month. And then, come May 1, we'll make a list of those people who no longer deserve a break.

Well, except Matt Clement. Matt Clement doesn't get a break. Frankly, there's no reason that Matt Clement should be getting a salary. Unless we change the terms of his deal so that we're paying him to bring me my coffee, he gets no break. I don't know what he's even doing still on the team-- I can't find documentation or anything, but I'm pretty sure we all agreed last season that we were going to trade him for a bag of balls.

Other quick thoughts:

* One of the guys in the bar was wearing a JT Snow t-shirt. Did they even make those?

* That Dice-K guy is ADORABLE. I'd somehow missed that during all the hype.

* kelly saw some interview with Lowell where he told a story about speaking to Lugo in Spanish and someone asked him how he knew Spanish. Which leads me to assume that all this time Manny and Tavarez have been going on and on about how "that guy on third only has one ball" in Spanish because they forgot Lowell is Cuban. Lowell's life is a series of everyday tragedies.

* And in actual Papelbon-related news, welcome to my new
desktop image.


At 7:56 PM, Blogger M. Murphy said...

Hi, this is Dice-K's publicist here. Can you please not call him "adorable." It's too diminutive. Hot, sexy, studly, manly, athletic, fit, handsome are all acceptable. Thanks.

At 12:57 PM, Anonymous katie said...

I'm not sure how I feel about your suggested replacements for my word of choice, but I do understand how it might be a bad move to have people discribing your client with the same word they use to discribe a five year old. Shall we compromise and stick with "awesome"?

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