Thursday, September 06, 2007

unrelatedly, i am about to make some football picks and i am so excited

Things Learned Last Night From the Fans in Fenway, RF Box #92

1. "Mike Lowell is really tearing it up."

This is completely true, as all members of NDRaPRSFftEMRSoML know. Speaking of, members should be aware that buttons will be forthcoming (basic, "contract year? what contract year?", and "muy sexy" (even though kelly thinks bringing sexiness into it lowers the discourse) variety) as soon as we return from Baltimore. Also, here's the latest from The Globe

2. "No one really likes JD Drew."

Also true. On the way from Fenway to Hynes, some hopped-up-on-victory Toronto fan shouted "JD Drew sucks!" and the response was "We all think JD Drew sucks, too!" followed by an impromptu "JD DREW SUCKS!" chant. I could only have been prouder if everyone called him "Nancy."

3. "You're in the same building as Matt Clement."

I don't know, maybe he was working the Dunkin Donut stand? I heard the hot chocolate machine was broken-- maybe he thought it might start throwing balls at his head.

4. "Matt Stairs! Lives in Bangor, Maine!"

The delightful gentlemen behind us were from Bangor and reminded us that Matt Stairs lives there with his every at-bat. I think that Matt Stairs and Bangor, Maine are probably a perfect match.

5. "Curt Schilling is a 5 inning pitcher!"

This line was repeated too many times to actually be funny, but really. I'll just say that when I got distracted by the Yankees going ahead when the score was changed between the 5th and the 6th, it worked out well because it kept me from noticing that they sent the Old Man back in for the 6th. At least he didn't get the W. And yes, yes, I know that hating him makes me a bad person, and I promise to stop doing it as soon as he moves to Tampa Bay.

6. Alex Rios has found a new life partner.

For real, man, this Braves fan behind us was SUPER PUMPED about Alex Rios, categorizing his feelings for him as love. In the bottom of the 9th, when no one was really cheering, he started screaming for Rios and he totally got the acknowledging chest pound in return. With that kind of encouragement, he proceded to shout his love for Rios for a good five minutes straight-- Rios looked a bit uncomfortable with the attention, but I'm pretty sure he was just being coy. He definitely smiled when the guy shouted "You're better than JD Drew."


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