Thursday, November 29, 2007

venezuela? don't they kill people with their pools there?

So, uh, this Johan Santana thing sure is … interesting.

On the one hand: Johan Santana.
On the other hand: Do we really want the Sox to trade away a large portion of the young, cost-controlled nucleus that made the championship caliber 2007 team so magical?
On the third hand: Yeah, but do you want the Yankees to get him instead? And let's not forget, it's JOHAN SANTANA.
On the fourth hand: Okay, but if shipping half the farm up to Minnesota is detrimental for the Red Sox, isn't it fair to assume it'll be bad for the Yankees, too?
On the fifth hand: Maybe you didn't hear me the first two times: JOHAN FREAKIN' SANTANA!!!1!!!!1!

And those are just the arguments I have with myself about it in my own head. This morning I told one of my co-workers that I kind of hoped he ended up with the Mets, so the Sox don't give up anything to get him, but nobody we have to face in the regular season gets him either. Plus, can you imagine what Johan Santana would do in the National League? Katie and I hypothesized this afternoon that they would eventually have to rename the league in his honor, because he'd be like a warlord. After he beat teams, he'd acquire their most valuable assets for his army. That'd be sweet.

Later on in the conversation, Katie said she was worried that, even if the Sox were able to make a deal, they wouldn’t be able to meet his salary requirements. Then I reminded her that Matt Clement's salary just came off the books and she was like a kid who just remembered that Santa Claus exists. Matt Clement's expiring contract = the gift that keeps on giving. Then we wondered what Matt Clement is doing now, anyway. I read he might sign with the Pirates, but Katie thinks he's probably driving a route on the 66 bus. Or, uh, same difference?


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At 1:15 AM, Anonymous shell said...


I don't want the Yankees to get him and load up, but I wouldn't be willing to trade Ellsbuy. Besides being cute as a button (haha), I think we need his offense.

At 10:10 AM, Blogger Anne said...

Katie and Kelly, since my brother and I belong
to both clubs we combined the logos. Come check it out at my blog,


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