Saturday, May 12, 2007

i'm starting with the man in the mirror, i'm asking him to change his shoddy fielding

Here at the papelblog, we have an official rule book for living the life Derek Jeter imagines. And bit by bit, we'd like to share that with you, so we present Weekends With Jetes-- feel free to fist pump/routine throw to first right along with us.

From Chapter 3: "Finding Role Models" in The Life You Imagine: 10 Practical Lessons for Achieving Your Dreams:

"I don't know if it's odd or if it's weird and I don't know if it happens to Derek, but I'll be walking down the street and someone will come up to me and say, 'Hey, Derek Jeter,'" said Rodriguez. "I'll hear them calling me Derek. It's really weird to be so parallel to someone else. It's almost like looking in the mirror when I see the way he looks and the way he acts, it's crazy."

It is crazy, but it is true. In addition to being best friends, Derek and Alex have as many similarities as twins. [...] "At this point," said Alex, "Derek is like my brother." They talk on the phone constantly, gabbing and laughing like a couple of high school kids before junior prom. But, between the joking and teasing, the conversations get deep, too. [...] "We talk about getting old, gray and fat when our careers are over and just having a good time," said Rodriguez. "It's a weird situation for us. It's just like we're looking in the mirror. The only difference is I'm on the West Coast and he's on the East Coast."


When I called kelly and said I wanted something from the ARod sidebar for this first segment she was worried it would be hard to pick the best part without just quoting it all, but I think she did an admirable job. This segment is a sidebar, so it's written by Jeter's co-author, but I promise you, the majority of the book and the rest of the segments we'll be posting are all in the AMAZING narrative voice of Derek Jeter-- the book positively reeks of grapefruit.


In other news, people are all a-flutter about some guy named Barry. If you've taken a look at the sidebar, you know that kelly is a Bonds fan. And if you've read this thing, you probably know that I am (blasphemously, I know) not a fan of one Curt Schilling. So I think we're both particularly gratified by our boy Paps taking aim with one of his laser-scope hunting rifles right at the entire controversy on his weekly ice cream social with Greg Dickerson.


And since I've taken up the Tavarez apologist banner as of late (I don't know how it happened either), all I have to say about the game last night (which I missed as I was driving North to the homeland) was already said by Amalie: "But it was a serviceable outing from the No. 5 starter. And it wasn't as if the Red Sox didn't have base runners" (from here).

Stranding 13 baserunners? 13? [sigh]


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