Saturday, May 19, 2007

the last few days, we've been here in the tardes and the noches!

Hi everybody, hi! I know we haven't talked in almost a week, but Katie and I have had our faces eaten by work, and this has combined with October-in-May to make me feel like I haven't really watched any baseball this week either, which is totally unacceptable. Since we last spoke:

AAAH THIS TEAM. Because, hey, that's cool, the generally underused bullpen had to go eight and two-thirds innings in two games over the weekend (giving up just two runs), and even though the offense came roaring back to win both games late, that wasn't enough. The relievers looked like they needed a night off, so Dice-K was like, yeah, awesome, I'll just throw a complete game, no problem.

My boss: So, yeah, it's looking like we might need to stay … a little late.
Me: Whatever, I'll stay late. But starting at seven, I need to be able to monitor the score on someone's computer.

[later, circa 6:55pm]

My boss: Hey, Kelly, don't you need to start monitoring the game soon?
Me: Um, uh, hahah, I was mostly just kidding, I mean--
My boss: You know, I really don't think you were.
Me: You're right, I wasn't.

[later, circa 9:55pm]

Me: [still at work]
Me: [cranky, also fickle]
Me: Well, Jesus Christ, you guys, you could at least make me regret not being able to watch this.

Hey! Huge mess that kept me at work until ten-thirty last night and back in the office at seven-thirty this morning is over! I left the office on time! All I want to do is plant my ass on my couch and watch some baseball! And … we have ourselves a rain-out.

Interesting article in the Globe today, with Nick Cafardo writing that with plenty of quality starts and lopsided wins, the Sox have been using Papelbon particularly sparingly. Cafardo obviously neglects to mention that Papelbon stays in kill mode form during long stretches without work by biting the heads off live ducks.

Later: Work once again keeps me from the Sox, as I am unable to sneak out at any point during the afternoon to watch the game at the undisclosed location I tell our receptionist is my "other office." Am once again forced to follow the proceedings electronically, and since we aren't allowed to have Flash on our computers, when I say "electronically," I even don't mean Gamecast, I mean the ESPN Insider Realtime Scoreboard (the Papelblog thanks its ESPN Insider account sponsor, So watching Tavarez rack up quality inning after quality inning is not quite the thrill it could have been. However, is there anything more entertaining than the information that Tavarez's batterymate for this outing was Dougie? Why didn't I realize that until now Julian and Dougie were meant for each other?

But the pitcher's ERA does get updated with each batter faced on the Realtime Scoreboard, so I am able to watch Papelbon's ERA reduce itself from 1.35 to 1.26 over the course of the ninth inning, and yes, Jackie, you are absolutely right, Pap and Oki absolutely sounds like a kid's show involving puppets. Puppets that strike out little kids, take their lunch money and make them cry. You know, just like that.

Later still: There's baseball to be played, but the PM and I choose to toggle back and forth between the game and the season finales of The Office and Supernatural. I am, frankly, relieved that television season is drawing to a close, making these choices has been stressful. News of the Hinske go-ahead homerun (has been mentioned by others, but warrants mentioning again: deepest bench ever) comes via a score check during the middle of the emotastic Supernatural finale, again, not quite as thrilling as it could have been.

It has been a murderously terrible week, and I have tentatively committed to either going to Dyke Night at Toast or the mall in Saugus, but I'm not gonna lie, I'm thinking about blowing off both of those things to watch some baseball on the couch in my pajamas. But the choice gets made for me, because there is ANOTHER RAIN-OUT.

Okay, I'm back, I'm ready, I'm rested. I even got up early so I could go to Whole Foods and get the ingredients necessary to keep me a lean, mean, tuna melt eating machine throughout the three games I hope to watch in the next twenty-four hours, weather and my sanity permitting. First things first: it never stops being funny how the Red Sox are the orphans that nobody wants to adopt when it comes to regional rivalry series interleague play. It's vaguely absurd when their regional rivalry match-up is the Phillies, but the Braves? Seriously?

Afternoon: What sums it up best, I think, is that midway through the game, the ESPN MLB scoreboard top performers of the day has a bit of a theme going.

Interlude: I switch over from NESN to Fox just in time to see the Yankees' starter come out of the game with no outs in the first. SCHAAAAAAA-deeen-freude (bah BAH bah), good times never seemed so good.

Evening: This game was wet and ugly, and the less said about it, the better. But the Yankees fell to second-to-last in the division and we're still ten games up on the Orioles, so if this is what passes for my lumps, I'll take them happily.


At 3:41 PM, Anonymous Anonymous said...

We're the Braves' "natural" rivals 'cause they used to be the Boston Braves.

At 6:28 PM, Anonymous katie said...

I told her that, but she dismisses that reasoning.

At 7:33 PM, Blogger Mike said...

The Sox and Phillies have been insanely fierce rivals since the infamous 1915 World Series. Nothing vaguely absurd about them being chosen as regional rivals.

I have monitored many a game on the ESPN scoreboard. My workplace is also, sadly, Flash-deficient.

Nice post!

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