Friday, September 14, 2007


--obviously, my favorite moment during Big Papi's seemingly slow-motion walk-off performance on Wednesday night was Jonathan Papelbon on the top step of the dugout, looking like a kid who'd stayed up all night on Christmas Eve and actually managed to catch Santa Claus with his hand in the cookie jar (priceless screenshot of Papelbon's wooaaa he does exist expression here).

Best beloved blogging friends, I am full of mixed emotions. I am excited that the Sox were able to make up a seven-run deficit on Tuesday night, and I’m nervous that they allowed themselves to fall seven runs down to the Devil Rays. I'm hopeful that good energy will flow from the Sox having produced a walk-off win and the Yankees having suffered a walk-off loss in each of their most recent games, but I also remember what happened when the Sox swept into New York having just pillaged the White Sox for four games straight. Is this the calm before the storm, or should I put my faith in
PECOTA, declare the division fated and recognize that this is actually just the messy debris after the storm? Should I wish for a camera in the visiting dugout so I might see Joe Torre's face should Joba the Hutt finally give up a fucking earned run already, or should I still be wary of the fallout from Tapegate?

I took a career matchmaking quiz yesterday, and quiz said that career that is fourth most appropriately suited to my interests is sports psychologist. I’m really excited about my future prospects:

Kelly: Let's talk about what brings you to anger management counseling today.
Josh Beckett: [lights drapes on fire]
Kelly: What do you think caused your phobia of baseballs, did your father throw a baseball at you as a child?
Matt Clement: [cries]
Kelly: So, uh, what brings you here today, especially given that it's been scientifically proven that you're currently the most psychologically dominant closer in major league baseball?
Jonathan Papelbon: [glares]
Jonathan Papelbon: [collects save]
Jonathan Papelbon: [fist pump]


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