Sunday, September 16, 2007

all i have on my tv are mannings. no wonder i'm nauseated

Last night, we went to see Superbad instead of watching the game because we couldn't take the stress. Afterwards, we hovered outside the window of the Beantown Pub waiting for a FOX game break to end so we could see the score. Then the game came back and it took FOREVER for them to put the score back up and I think we looked like crazy cokeheads or something. Especially with our jubilant celebrations upon final reveal of the score.

And now I will sit back and enjoy the phrase "first to 19 wins" and "Cy Young contender" while remembering how awesome it is when Giambi gets drilled. Mmmmmm... To help, have the following links.

This utterly wonderful New York Times article which is about both Beckett and Pap and includes the following awesome items:

1. "Josh Beckett gripped a baseball while he relaxed on a couch in the Red Sox clubhouse and watched a show about deer hunting."
2. "While Beckett is the Red Sox’s No. 1 starter" mmmm...suck it Schill. Tito's careful to say that Beckett pitched "like an ace", but the NYT is the paper of record. (Interestingly, I've seen Tito's quote 3 times now in 3 different variations: "like an ace of the staff," (NYT) "like the ace of a staff," (Herald and "like the ace of the staff." (Newsday) I wonder which is accurate.)

The Herald article is a bit disjointed, but has some nice quotes from Beckett in re: Hinske.

And the Newsday article which proves that-- much like his win record-- I care way more about Beckett's status as ace than he does: "That means you start Opening Day," he responded so matter-of-factly that his lips barely moved. "You only do that one time."


At 4:42 PM, Blogger Beth said...

i know exactly--EXACTLY--the talking-without-moving-his-lips thing that josh was doing in that quote you referenced. he does that a lot, actually. in fact, i'd venture to guess being able to talk without moving his lips, at all, ever, is a personal goal of his.

meanwhile, please, if it's on, pause to watch Red Sox Report this week. there's a segment featuring beckett scaring the everloving bejesus out of a make-a-wish foundation kid curt schilling brought in the clubhouse that'll change your life.

At 11:33 AM, Anonymous katie said...

I've already set my dvr to record this week's Red Sox Report based on kelly's assertion that the Josh Beckett Is A Badass NESN songvid changed her life. Now I'm super excited. It's probably fine if I just skip out of work and watch it now, right? Everyone will understand.

Also, yes, he totally does that talking w/out moving his lips thing all the time. It's bizarre.

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