Saturday, September 15, 2007

can i ask tito some questions about the chargers now?

I have this friend who is a huge Eagles fan, and when they lost the NFC championship game a few years ago, he reportedly kicked a hole in his wall and then stayed in his room for 24 straight hours without leaving to use the bathroom or eat.

I tell this story because it was what kelly referenced to describe her mood when I texted her in the 8th inning last night and also to remind me that it's not only Boston fans that are completely psychotic. Even though, as kelly said this morning, what else are we supposed to do? Get killed by the T? Get shot in Dorchester? Stay inside 6 months of the year? It's no wonder Boston fans look for reasons to be suicidal.

Seriously though, we are angry. I know it's irrational, but we are angry and stressed. kelly barely slept and my first thought upon waking was "6 RUNS! That's canonically not supposed to happen." Because that's the key here-- that's not supposed to happen. Okajima and Papelbon are NOT SUPPOSED to blow a 5-run lead against the Yankees. And if, through some black magic, that actually happens? Well, then ANYTHING can happen.

This weekend was already sports stressful enough-- the Yankees, the importance to us of Josh Beckett having a better win record than Wong, our vital need for the Chargers to get beaten like little bitches so hopefully every game this season won't be a referendum on the Pats "questionable" methods, the issue of Pats-Chargers and Sox-Yankees happening at the same time, etc. If I now have to worry about our dreamy rockstar bullpen blowing leads I may lose my entire grip on reality.

Additionally, losing last night means we can't use any of our really classy "the problem with the Yankees is that suck disease is sexually transmitted" jokes this morning.

What we're mostly hoping is that the Higher Power saw that Huit-Trois appears to be back to form (that scoreless 9th was nice) and, still angry about our 3-closer situation, did something to Okajima's mojo. I mean, this sucks for Oki, but is recoverable for the team as a whole. And since today's game is going to get rained out per all weather reports I've come across (kelly, it may be time to break out that rain dance we did back in 2004), maybe our sadly blown bullpen will get some rest and Beckett can teach Papelbon how to light some drapes on fire to deal with his anger, since as Lowell understated, "I think you can say he probably wasn't too happy." (from here)

On an up note, the New York Times had this little piece on Jacoby, though calling him a cult hero already may be a bit much.


At 9:51 AM, Blogger Kristen said...

You know what was un-fun? Watching the Sox blow that one in a bar in Manhatten with Yankee fans. Miraculously, I'm not asking for bail money.

At 11:34 AM, Anonymous katie said...

Ugh. That's terrifying. I watched the Sox lose to the White Sox in 05 in a bar like that and that was bad enough-- I can't imagine if it were actually a Yankees game.

Congrats on not getting arrested.

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