Friday, October 26, 2007

all hail the all-singing, all-dancing black pearl bullpen band

No joke, right around the time Papelbon picked of Matt Holliday to end the eighth, I started to think that maybe he could walk on water. Seriously, who but Papelbon would notch his first major league pick-off move in Game 2 of the World Series? WHO DOES THAT? I kept asking Katie why Fox couldn't give us a shot of his reaction when they showed the replay of the pick-off over and over, and she said, "He probably did something obscene that they can't show on television."

The Papajima Show Is:
A) A children's puppet show put on by Emerson students on acid
B) A pajama party where everyone drinks Zima
C) 3 and 2/3 innings, no runs, one hit, six strikeouts

(Also, how charmingly appropriate is it that, with his appearance in Game 2, Okajima, not Daisuke Matsuzaka, will go into the books as the first Japanese pitcher to ever appear in the World Series?)

So, Red Sox said, "Fine, you want us to beat you National League style? Bring it." For their next trick, they will kick ass with one hand tied behind their backs. Or, uh, without a DH. Same difference, right? Also, correct me if I'm wrong, but I think this team just won five games in a row for the first time in 2007. Hyperbole does not exist to describe how timely this winning streak appears to be.

(And also, with regard to last night: Mike Lowell would like to remind you there is no such thing as supporters and non-supporters of NDRaPRSFftEMRSoML, just supporters and future supporters. Check it.)


At 9:14 AM, Blogger Kristen said...

My former roommate announced to me the other night that her family was taking up a collection to keep Mike Lowell here in Boston. To date, they've got $125. These people, while lovely and charming, have never struck me as being terribly huge baseball fans before. So clearly, Mike Lowell's influence of awesomeness is far-reaching. I told her many such fundraisers were taking place and that really, we need someone to help us combine our efforts. Because this must happen. I will not take no for an answer.

At 10:39 AM, Blogger Mike Champion said...

Can we somehow cash in all those tacos that Jacoby (okay, "Tacoby") won for America to keep Lowell?

At 10:48 AM, Blogger kelly said...

Mike, that is the best idea I've ever heard. If every Red Sox fan in America donated 79 cents, I'm sure we'd be at least halfway there!

At 12:25 PM, Blogger curt said...

Believe that five in a row was done three times this season. However, Saturday could be the first six-er.

At 12:57 PM, Blogger kelly said...

Curt, you are very correct! I had it in mind that they had never won either more than 4 or more than 5 in a row this season but due to the lateness of these games turning me into a crack whore, I didn't look it up. Here's for breaking the record on Saturday?

At 1:10 PM, Blogger Anne said...

Speaking of NDRaPRSFftEMRSoML, where is my t-shirt? I long to announce my devotion to anyone who walks behind me. Also, I will absolutely donate my free taco to the Mikey fund.

At 3:01 PM, Blogger Colin said...


At 8:22 PM, Anonymous Anonymous said...

That Holliday pickoff was awesome. I *worship* the Pap. I'm surprised you girls haven't put the video of it up on your blog yet. I found it here:


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