Tuesday, June 05, 2007

to do: slides, tables, hippie jam band lyrics

life it seems a struggle between/What we think what we see

That game was days ago now and I can barely think of anything interesting to say about it. I like our namesake have already forgotten it happened. I can tell you, however that I am way more sick of DMB than usual and I have "The Space Between" in my head, so that's GREAT. I blame Jorge Posada. Just because.

So I'm stuck in DC for meetings and I'm still up doing work and I just realize I can't even watch the game to keep me awake. How do you people (and by "you people," I mostly mean my brother and anyone else who lives where they don't have NESN) deal with this pain? This is tragical. The As don't look anywhere near as awesomely vaguely stoned in their Gamecast pictures as they do on my tv. [sigh] Clearly this is a sign that I should stop working and go to bed, right? Hopefully good ol' Lenny DiNardo can lose this one without me...


Edited by the co-blogger to add: I figured that since Katie was out of town on a business trip (just to really drive home which one of us is the grown-up in our co-blogging relationship: we haven't posted in a couple days because she just left town for a business trip and I've been too busy slouching around my parents' basement and drinking all their beer) that someone should probably post about Sunday and Monday (It's hard to work up the energy to post about Sunday and Monday night's games, isn't it? It's sort of like realizing that you have to finish an already-overdue homework assignment about dead babies). But then she posted about Sunday while I was blathering on into Notepad about Monday. So in the interest of posterity, Monday night, or, I can't believe I watched the whole thing:

Although, really, I shouldn't complain. Because I was watching from the west coast, the loss that we were supposed to expect that turned into a loss that was really tough to stomach only held me hostage until 11:00pm PST. However, this meant that I was forced to endure the FSN Bay Area coverage, which meant watching the clip of the Buck homer off Papelbon from last month six or FORTY BILLION times. By the time the eleventh inning rolled around, I was so numbed that I couldn't even work up that much anger toward Kyle Snyder for giving up the winning home run. With the kind of fro that Kyle Snyder is sporting these days, is it really fair to count on him to do much more than serve you a veggie bagel sandwich at Bagel Rising? Probably not. (The Bagel Rising at the corner of Comm Ave and Harvard, obvs. I've noticed that they have quite a penchant for playing mid-ninties metal, which I think would appeal to Alice in Chains look-alike Snyder.)

One hilarious note: The Oakland announcers were convinced for a few minutes that Tek had pinch-hit for Dougie, and they were trying to figure out who our back-up back-up catcher was. Y'all who remember the dark days of the Tek/Dougie Double Injury of Doom '06 know that the answer is emergency back-up everything, Alex Cora! But Cora had already been pinch-hit for as well! I was rooting for Wake, personally.

That brings us up to real-time, top of the fifth inning, and the Sox are -- for some reason I cannot fucking fathom -- failing to take Lenny DiNardo to the woodshed. Lenny Dinardo! On the bright side, when Wily Mo Pena comes up to bat, my mother now says, "Is that the easter basket?"



At 12:34 AM, Blogger jared said...

“You live in the present, you don’t live in the future or the past.”

Wait, Papelbon has no short-term memory?

This is great.

I really hope his entire mission in life is to strike out John G. and he's covered in freaky tattoos that are actually notes telling him what to do when he gets out of bed in the morning like the guy from Memento. I bet they say things like, "ARod likes muscular she-male types," "Don't trust Tavarez's lies," "I own Derek Jeter," and "Never touch Dougie's chicken parm."

I really, really can't wait until he says this to reporters: "If we talk for too long, I'll forget how we started. Next time I see you, I'm not gonna remember this conversation. I don't even know if I've met you before."

At 12:11 PM, Anonymous Anonymous said...

Okay, that remark about the present and the future and the past totally reminds me of something the evil demoness firefly thing said on Hex this weekend on BBCAmerica. Do you think Papelbon was tuning into Supernatural Saturday? He could totally be a huge Hex fan.

irrelevantly yours,

At 1:14 PM, Blogger Julia said...

The Scary Fairy on Hex was quoting Eleanor Roosevelt, actually. So do we think Paps is a Hex fan, or a dedicated feminist?

At 9:16 PM, Anonymous Anonymous said...

As a Texas based Sox fan, I have an answer to the question of how do we do it with out NESN? Well, we switch satellite companys at the start of the season this year so that we can gladly fork over the nearly $200 a season for the MLB extra innings programming and then HATE life when the game is broadcast on FOX or ESPN and we have it blacked out and are forced to listen to Joe Buck or Joe Morgan, or the few road games that are called by the home teams crew. We waited till the middle of May to switch satellite providers and my wife and I were both in the middle of the worst Remdog and Announcer Boy withdraws one could expect with out seeing our Sox every game.... Its hard living out of market, but you learn to adapt and survive.

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